blox N95 (part BLX-9501, medical use)

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blox N95 (part BLX-9501, medical use)

$5.00 $17.95 saving $12.95
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Customer Reviews

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Bruce J Kramer (Virginia, United States)
Great masks

I love these masks. They fit well and seal well. They are also very breathable. I can go into a store wearing one, leave the store and walk back to my car and forget to remove the mask. I highly recommend these. I'm one of the few people I know that haven't had covid yet.

Laura (Massachusetts, United States)
Best Fit and Quality

The duckbill is the way to go! It’s comfortable, doesn’t fog up glasses, very breathable, and makes a seal on my small face that I can’t get with other masks. I keep a box in my car now so I always have one when I need it. Been wearing these masks for over a year and trust their effectiveness. I won’t buy any others. Thank you, Blox.

Lisa Boozer (Virginia, United States)
Keeping safe

Great product to protect my family.

Sue King (Hawaii, United States)
Extremely comfortable!

These masks are very comfortable, and don’t leave marks on my face. I can breathe easily while the mask is on my face. There is an adjustable nose piece so my glasses don’t fog! I bought the case size (300 masks) because I didn’t want to order often, and I’m glad I did that! The masks come packaged in plastic-wrapped packs, so I just toss a pack in my glove compartment. I haven’t forgotten a mask since! Great for airplane travel or use on other public transportation; visits to a doctor’s office; or anywhere else you might be exposed “up close” to lots of people. I’ll definitely repurchase!

Jillian Reeves (Pennsylvania, United States)

These are great masks - the around-the-head bands make sure it fits more snugly, while the mask itself doesn't press against your mouth/feel "constricting" in any way. I can actually wear my glasses with these masks without them fogging up.

Bernard Yetter (Colorado, United States)
best fit for me!

The blox n95 duckbill is the most comfortable mask I've found out of about 15 that I've tried. The fit around the nose is perfect!! Absolutely no fogging of glasses.

Ann Elizabeth Paredes (New Jersey, United States)
Life Saving

I am immuno compromised and the Blox mask has kept me safe. I feel safe and protected when I go to doctors, pharmacies or when running necessary errands. My saying is Blox up and remain calm!

Tenley Nordstrom (California, United States)
So happy

I wasn’t able to afford N95 until these went on sale. They are super comfortable. Do leave a mark for a few minutes after but it’s unimportant at the end of the day. Thankful to be safe and hope they stay at the lower price point.

Joel Swartz (New York, United States)
Why consider any other N95 it is The Blox 95s for all

Have been using Blox for a few weeks now and I can breath easier in them
with an increase in confidence that they give me the best protection
from possible contracting Covid when in close contact with others.

Deborah B. (Illinois, United States)
very breathable and comfortable

The Blox N95 mask is so breathable that when I first tried it on, I worried that it was leaking air around the sides. But I couldn’t feel any air leakage and then I noticed that the material did suck in a bit when I inhaled, so the seal around my face was good. In fact, the mask is easy to mold to your face with the extra long moldable flat wire along the top of the mask. It works very well for my face with a small nose and low nose bridge, but high cheek bones. The material is very soft which I appreciate because I have sensitive skin. The flat knit straps slip less than round ones and are stretchier than the too tight yellow or blue rubbery type of other N95 masks, but are more elastic than the flimsy blue straps for the more well known duckbill N95 mask. I feel like the Blox straps have just the right amount of stretch to hold the mask firmly in place without being uncomfortable or making the mask leave marks on my face after wearing. The gussets in the front of the mask make the duckbill shape a little less prominent and a little flatter than other duckbill-style masks. The superior fit and breathability of these masks make them by far my favorite of any of the several other N95 masks that I have tried.


Multi-layer protection provides
full coverage with an electrostatic filter.

The ‘charged’ meltblown layer provides at least 99% filtration efficiency of 0.1-micron aerosolized saline particles.

Designed with double head straps and a flexible nosepiece for optimal seal and all-day comfort.
Our leading consumer-grade straps provide 0.8 to 1.25lbs of force to maintain an adequate seal.

It’s time for a better
high-filtration respirator.

No more counterfeits
No more annoying readjusting
No more difficulty breathing
No more glasses/goggles fogging up
No more subpar filtering efficiency

Donning Instructions

Step 1

Separate the edges of the respirator to fully open it. Slightly bend the nosepiece to form a curve.

Step 2

Using your index fingers and thumbs, separate both headbands.

Step 3

Continue holding the headbands and cup the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece facing upwards.

Step 4

Pull the headbands over your head and let them rest at the base of your neck, below your ears.

Step 5

Position the top headband to rest at the crown of your head, above your ears.

Step 6

Using both hands, firmly press down to form the nosepiece to the bridge of your nose and below the eyes. Adjust to secure all edges and perform a seal check.

Performing a seal check:

It is necessary to perform a seal check prior to each time of use. To check the respirator seal, cup the respirator with both hands, breathe in forcefully. You should feel pressure inside the respirator. If you feel any air leakage on an inhale or exhale, adjust the nosepiece and headbands until you feel a secure fit with no air leakage. Repeat the seal check again to confirm proper fit. DO NOT enter a contaminated area if a proper seal cannot be obtained.