blox N95 (part BLX-9501, medical use)

$12.50 $59.95 saving $47.45
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blox N95 (part BLX-9501, medical use)

$12.50 $59.95 saving $47.45
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Customer Reviews

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Renee La Force (District of Columbia, United States)
I feel protected

The fit is secure, I used these through chemo two years ago, and continue to use them now - going into stores, doctor offices, and to crowded events. The fact that they are made in the US adds additional comfort. They are better than any other mask I've tried. I will continue using them and have given some to grateful friends who are going to fly.

Rebecca L Szetela (Massachusetts, United States)
Poor fit

I was disappointed in this product. The elastic straps are too tight for my face and as I assume this is not returnable, I sank money into a hole.

Colleen Keith (California, United States)

Mask for Best Price Great Service

Anonymous (New York, United States)
Best mask for big noses!

I love this mask so much! I do wish that some day you folks can add a nose foam piece for even longer-term wear on long flights + 8 hour work shifts :)

Thank you for also keeping these affordable!

Abigail Thomas (Massachusetts, United States)

love the shape, smell, and fit of these. ive got a small head and a flat nose bridge so they work well. quite breathable. and i think theyre cute!

A (Minnesota, United States)
Good deal

With the discounted price I received + shipping I paid under 50¢ per mask, and someone I trust said these are good masks.

I wore one for about 2 hours while shopping recently and had no discomfort

Julie Wokaty (New York, United States)
The most comfortable masks I own

This is my second time ordering blox's N95s; they're extremely breathable and super comfortable and sturdy

Robert Billmers (New Jersey, United States)
Great N95 mask

These N95s are very comfortable and fit really well. I modify the straps to go around the ears rather than over the head. Just cut the elastic at the mask and use hot melt to reattach. I eat these all day when I fly. Best mask I have tried.

Ann Parke Hughes (North Carolina, United States)
Best Masks Ever

At Benjamin House, in Elizabeth City, NC, we think your masks are the best masks anywhere! They are comfortable and very effective!!!

K Coonrod
Very nice!

The fit, quantity, size, price etc. are all great. When I called to adjust my order, the service was fantastic and the help was immediate. Thank you 👍


Multi-layer protection provides
full coverage with an electrostatic filter.

The ‘charged’ meltblown layer provides at least 99% filtration efficiency of 0.1-micron aerosolized saline particles.

Designed with double head straps and a flexible nosepiece for optimal seal and all-day comfort.
Our leading consumer-grade straps provide 0.8 to 1.25lbs of force to maintain an adequate seal.

It’s time for a better
high-filtration respirator.

No more counterfeits
No more annoying readjusting
No more difficulty breathing
No more glasses/goggles fogging up
No more subpar filtering efficiency

Donning Instructions

Step 1

Separate the edges of the respirator to fully open it. Slightly bend the nosepiece to form a curve.

Step 2

Using your index fingers and thumbs, separate both headbands.

Step 3

Continue holding the headbands and cup the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece facing upwards.

Step 4

Pull the headbands over your head and let them rest at the base of your neck, below your ears.

Step 5

Position the top headband to rest at the crown of your head, above your ears.

Step 6

Using both hands, firmly press down to form the nosepiece to the bridge of your nose and below the eyes. Adjust to secure all edges and perform a seal check.

Performing a seal check:

It is necessary to perform a seal check prior to each time of use. To check the respirator seal, cup the respirator with both hands, breathe in forcefully. You should feel pressure inside the respirator. If you feel any air leakage on an inhale or exhale, adjust the nosepiece and headbands until you feel a secure fit with no air leakage. Repeat the seal check again to confirm proper fit. DO NOT enter a contaminated area if a proper seal cannot be obtained.