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Surgical N95

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Not all respirators are created equal.

Go ahead. Put us up against anyone. We’re tough enough for the frontline, and comfortable enough to wear all day.

BLX-9501 Surgical N95s Standard N95s, KN95s
>99% Filtration Efficiency*
Designed for Extended Wear Times, To Pass Hospital Fit Testing
Comfortable, Secure Fit with a 360° Seal
Meets CDC Guidelines for TB Exposure Control
Fluid Resistant
Made in the USA

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All blox respirators and masks are manufactured in our FDA registered facility certified to ISO 13485.

Our meticulous approach to engineering
has led to a protective respirator with
99%* filtration efficiency.

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Each respirator comes with a QR code to
easily view the Certificate of Analysis

Proven, easy to use, provides transparency around product performance & verifies authenticity.

The Ultimate N95 Respirator Upgrade.

blox satisfies your fit, comfort, safety, and budget requirements. When it comes to the science and design, we’ve sacrificed nothing to keep you safe.

Standard size fits most
Sold in quantities of 50 or case of 300 (boxes)

Standard size fits most
Sold in quantities of 50 or case of 300 (boxes)

For large BLX-9501 palletized orders